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Boldebolin kaufen – steroid anabolic and androgenic effect of the Indian pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. Product form boldebolina – injection 10 × 1 ml 250 mg / ml. The main active ingredient – boldenone, is chemically modified with a double bond between the first and second testosterone molecules with carbon atoms. The essence of this “improvement” is that it can give you some level of anabolic boldenone, equal to testosterone, but halve the androgenic factor. However, some studies suggest that the steroid is still on the testosteronu.Kak effect and many medications now used for the sport is slightly worse, boldenone was originally created for use in veterinary medicine. The idea of ​​the scientists was the work of the steroid, which is a long-acting methandrostenolone. But substance was preserved Boldenone – a molecule free of 17-alpha-methyl group. Androgenic boldeboline index – 50, an anabolic steroid 100. The non-toxic to the liver, shows a weak estrogenic activity. Use of the drug by the athletes compete under one big question because it remains in the body for a long time.

side effects

The double bond between the first and second carbon atoms inhibits aromatization processes, which is an advantage. Side effects of boldebolin like edema, gynecomastia, and increased pressure almost never occur. Basically, a steroid can be used and women become. It has low androgenic activity, and therefore the likelihood is very low virilization. In general Boldebolin – one of the safest products with which you can start your first course of steroids.

Reviews of Boldebolin

Athletes say slowly but quality gains muscle mass. Complaints rollback phenomena almost not, as well as the painful injections arrive. The only thing that sometimes anoint athletes, so that this discrepancy severity of the claimed effect. Reviews of Boldebolin from Alpha Pharma speak about the drug as a safe steroid sparing, also suitable for amateurs.

Women also use boldenone. However, in many smaller doses. Reviews of ladies’ Boldeboline show no virilization.


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